Great news from Naguru Parents’ School

IMG_8584We recently learned that the students at Naguru Parents’ School, FOYA Uganda’s past project partner, did very well in the 2013 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), which students must pass in order to enter secondary school.  Sylvia Kyomugisha, the school’s director, reports that all candidates passed in Division I and Division II.  The national passage rate for 2013 was 88.1%.

The school’s staff credit the school’s e-reader program with boosting students’ success in the English portion of the PLE:

[T]he kids performed very well and we hope that if they continue using these e-readers we shall continue performing very well. The kids who didn’t know how to read, can now read very well.

The students love these e-readers and they always use them whenever they get time. They always get e-readers after classes and they read … some [teach] the young ones to read and how to use the e-readers.

Congratulations to the students and staff at Naguru Parents’ School!

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