About Us

Who we are

FOYA Uganda is an organization based in Westerville, Ohio that sends university professors and students on month-long trips to Uganda to work with local partner schools and community organizations.  FOYA Uganda and its project partners work to improve literacy, education, health and wellness, gender equity, and community engagement in rural areas of Uganda.


A Uganda where youth are empowered to create and extend their skills and talents to build a strong future, and an America where people value other cultures and ways of being.


To foster mutual cultural understanding between American university students and the youth of Uganda through projects that empower Ugandan children and American university students.  To support existing programs and help develop new programs in the areas of health and wellness, literacy, gender equity and community engagement in Uganda.

Core Values

Peaceful social change

We are committed to upholding the principle of cultural consciousness as means of social change. We shall attract people by deeds, not coercion; seek to transform society through dialogue and persuasion. We shall be the change that we want to see in the world.

Equity and Social Justice

We shall be gender sensitive and include both men and women not only as beneficiaries but also as decision makers.  We are committed to regional and religious representations in our day to day works as well as in our management structures.

Empowering youth to improve their own lives

We will work with, not for, the people to improve their situation. We will train and empower project beneficiaries to take initiatives and to sustain activities.

Teamwork and responsibility

We shall work as a team and undertake activities collectively while recognizing our diversities and differences. We will collaborate, network, and respect each other at all times; resist divisions among our members; resolve our problems amicably. We shall make proper use of FOYA Uganda resources including assets, funds, and documents.

Honesty and transparency

We shall be open to each other and in our dealings with target communities. We shall be accountable to beneficiaries and donors in all our operations and in the utilization of funds. We agree not to abuse our offices for individual gain. We shall be open about our work, making information about our activities and plans available to relevant stakeholders – management team, beneficiaries, partners, etc.

Learn from others in humility

We believe no one has a monopoly of knowledge. We have to learn from others. We will share credit for accomplishments as well as engage in honest communication with other partners, and when possible, help others doing similar work to succeed. We shall use participatory approaches in all our work.


We value diversity, not only about who we serve but also who we recruit to our board, staff or interns. We shall ensure that our programs shall be appropriate to the culture of specific groups that we train. We shall respect other cultures, not just ours.

 Spirit of voluntarism

We are committed to serving the humanity on a voluntary basis. We shall be self-motivated not only to give material things but also ourselves and our time to serve the community.