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Pole Pole Foundation

Mawule Community Literacy and Health Care Project, Mawule


The Mawule Community Literacy and Health Care Project is one of FOYA Uganda’s two Summer 2014 project partners.

The Pole Pole Children’s Home and Academy cares for 64 children, some of whom have HIV/AIDS.  Pole Pole feeds these children, clothes them, and pays for their schooling and medical care.

Pole Pole’s Mawule Community Literacy and Health Care Project aims to develop existing facilities and build new ones at Pole Pole Children’s Home and Academy to promote literacy and wellness at the school and in the community.

The project includes:

  • Developing and stocking the Pole Pole Children’s Home Clinic with better medical equipment and supplies and building the capacity of the home nurse and other staff to properly administer quality medical services to pupils and to the community;
  • Providing two rainwater tanks at both Pole Pole Children’s Home and Pole Pole Academy in order to generate an adequate supply of clean water to improve the children’s hygiene;
  • Equipping the existing library with adequate reading materials and equipment, including e-readers, textbooks, novels, magazines or journals, DVDs, bookshelves, 40 chairs, and 20 reading tables for use by pupils and community members; and
  • Equipping the existing computer laboratory at Pole Pole Academy  with IT equipment and materials, including 10 computers, Internet access, a multi-purpose printer, an LCD projector, five computer tables, and 20 chairs to facilitate education and training for pupils and the entire community of Mawule.

Rainbow International Library, Oluvu


The Rainbow International Library is FOYA Uganda’s second project partner for the Summer 2014 trip.

Local community members and government officials in Oluvu and the surrounding area  are working to establish a modern public library to serve the community and the 66 primary schools and 9 secondary schools currently registered in the district of Maracha.  The community group has received a donated building and currently is collecting materials and monetary donations for the library.

FOYA Uganda will assist the Rainbow International Library in:

  • Obtaining materials for the library;
  • Training students to use the library to improve their reading skills;
  • Assisting teachers in diversifying their teaching methods;
  • Helping parents to support their children’s education by improving adult literacy and giving parents children’s books to take home and read with their children; and
  • Training a librarian to run the library and to oversee the use and movements of all materials.

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